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A non-invasive Swiss line of transdermal professional treatments, formulated at the leading Swiss lab by Dr. Tina Meder.

Correction for various skin imperfections, Dr. Meder has developed a

 pioneering treatment line with the latest advances in biotechnological ingredients.


Hydra Fill Treatment Non-Invasive Revitalization Treatment

Deep hydration,skin smoothing and wrinkle filling effect.

Hydra Fill works to restore moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, while restoring its natural barrier function and enabling it to retain moisture levels more efficiently. Hyaluronic Acid, the skins natural moisturizing agent, replenishes the skin's moisture levels.Skin tone and elasticity is visibly improved. 

Specifically for dehydrated,dry and sensitive skin.

60 minutes $185

Series of 5 $832.50

Arma Lift Treatment Non-Invasive Wrinkle Filling and Lifting Treatment

Non-invasive wrinkle filling and lifting treatment.Correction of static wrinkles and age related changes of the skin, brightening, lifting,deep hydration and overall rejuvenation effect. Arma lift is the ideal non-invasive filler treatment for fast restoration of skin tone and elasticity as well as achieving a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Stem Cell technology targets the processes of dermal synthesis to effectively decrease the depth and visibility of wrinkles while boosting the production of collagen and elastin. The epidermal growth factor found in this treatment significantly increases the skins's rate of repair and can be used with invasive treatments in both preparation and recovery periods.

For optimum results, a course of 5-10 treatments, on a 1-2 week basis to be repeated once or twice a year is recommended.

60 minutes $185

Series of 5 $832.50


Lipo Oval Non-invasive Facial Liposculpture Treatment

Correction of "second chin" and fat deposits of the face and neck, lifting and brightening effects. Powerful lypolitic ingredients penetrate the skins layers to reduce the volume fatty tissue found in the skin and deliver a drainage effect. The active ingredients also work together to boost the synthesis of collagen and elastin while improving microcirculation to provide the lifting effect. The face and neck look slimmer, skin is left visibly toned and even with a more youthful appearance. 

5-10 Treatment are recommended 1-2 times per week and repeated once or twice a year.

60 minutes

Series of 5 $832.50

*This treatment is only offered in a series

Red-Apex Facial Treatment for Redness

Prebiotic therapy for rosacea and skin redness with immediate calming effect. A purely natural skin treatment with prebiotics and organic plant extracts for reducing redness and skin sensitivity as well as treating rosacea subtypes 1 and 2 (facial redness; bumps and pimples).  Organic plant extracts instantly calm the skin and suppress inflammation, while also strengthening the facial capillaries.  Prebiotic creates nutrient medium for healthy micro biome and decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria.  This results in quick reduction of redness, inflammation and discomfort; decreased sensitivity and irritation; healthier looking skin.

60 minutes 185

Series of 5 $832.50

EU SEB Non-Invasive Therapy For Problem Skin

This treatment restores the skins microflora & regulates sebum production. For acne prone skin, Eu Seb delivers powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties helping to restore normal microflora of healthy skins well as improve its natural barrier function. This treatment promotes active drainage and a decrease in the production of fatty tissue in the face, neck and decollate areas, helping to prevent further breakouts. Skin is left noticeably smoother, healthier and brighter.

60 minute/Series of 5


*This treatment is only available in a series

(Multiple series may be needed depending on severity of acne)

Myo Fix Non-Invasive Wrinkle Correction Treatment

The newest generation of muscle relaxing peptides work in synergy to block neuro-muscular transmission and smoothe wrinkles around the eyes and forehead without breaking the functionality of the muscle. The therapeutic topical treatment delivers not only immediate and visible wrinkle smoothing and relaxation, but also an overall skin restorative and anti-aging effect. The powerful antioxidants and active ingredients penetrate deep into the skins layers to provide a wide range of cosmetic benefits for all skin types. For deep cleansing, oxygenation and nourishing the skin as well as stimulation of new skin growth,collagen production,correction of mild pigmentation variances and sun damage. Smoother, brighter and healthier looking skin is achieved after just one treatment. To obtain lasting wrinkle reduction for 8-12 months, a series of five treatments is recommended.

60 minute  $250

Series of 5  $1,125

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