Meder Beauty Dermafill Creme

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(50 ML)

Derma-Fill Prebiotic Moisturizing Cream is a universal prebiotic-based moisturizer solution specially developed to hydrate the skin and protect it from polluted air and water. Hyaluronic acid increases the skin’s elasticity, moisturizes, fills the skin and prevents water loss. Prebiotic BioEcolia® restores the skin’s natural healthy and balanced microbiome, strengthening the skin’s defence against all kinds of harm. Algae extract detoxifies, moisturizes and softens the skin replenishing its essential mineral and vitamin reserves. Algae can firm up and renew the tissue while also suppressing inflammation and leaving the skin soft, supple and even.

You can use Derma-Fill on daily basis or add to your routine when you need a more intense moisturising. Derma-Fill Prebiotic Moisturising Cream can also be used as an after-shave solution. Skin therapists and clinicians recommend using Derma-Fill after laser treatments or chemical peels to restore the skin barrier and microbiome balance.

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