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Massage Therapy: Service

Reflexology doesn't just feel good! The meridian points on the big toes are connected to the head and neck areas, so if you feel a headache coming on try making small circles on your big toes for relief.

Better yet call Ciel Eau for your Reflexology appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists!


The reflexology points shown here in the middle of the palm are directly connected to the solar plexus, adrenal, kidneys and intestines. The solar plexus is a network of nerves in the upper abdomen, is highly affected by stress, upon release it decreases stress levels and helps to increase the body's tolerance to stress.


Sky+Water - Ciel Eau

Back Massage

With your wellness in mind, we use Organic massage cream in all of our massages.

Massage aids in muscle recovery, tissue regeneration, circulation, stress management, flexibility and ultimate relaxation. Ciel Eau's licensed massage therapists are happy to work in conjunction with your trainer or doctor to obtain the best possible results for you. Our LMT's draw upon their extensive repertoire to provide relaxation and relief so you can sleep better, train harder and recover quicker. 

To further customize your massage choose an add on from these offerings:

Organic Aromatherapy Oil      $25

Hot Stone In Area of Concern $20

CBD Gel In Area of Concern  $25

Please ask us about massage series available in 3, 6,or 12 packs, the more you buy, the more you save!

Sky+Water Signature  

Our integrative approach allows our LMT to provide you with complimenting techniques from a number of modalities. By integrating techniques, every individual problem can be targeted and addressed, producing optimal results. 

2hr | $295

Muscle Ease  | Deep Tissue

Muscle Ease deep tissue massage eases muscle tension by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles & joints). This massage is designed to help you manage chronic pain, melt stress and improve sleep. Relax, restore, you can train harder!

60 minute | $160   90 minute | $200


The Athlete  | Sports

Great for the athlete  and individual with chronic stress points. Firm pressure is used to stimulate circulation, light stretching to relieve tension & enhance flexibility.

60 minute | $160   90 minute | $200

The Classic | Swedish

A classic massage that with light to medium pressure caters to the individual, while promoting relaxation.

60 minute | $160  90 minute | $200

Oh Baby | Pre-natal

Nestled in our special massage pillow, you'll be enveloped in relaxation. Soothe away your fatigue, relieve stress, increase circulation & relieve puffiness. This treatment reduces the tension in your legs and back to make you more comfortable.

*Not in the 1st trimester*

60 minutes | $155

75 minutes | $175

Zone Therapy | Reflexology

When rhythmic manipulation of the reflex point of the feet and lower legs are stimulated, the bodies natural energy works along the nervous system to clear blockages the corresponding zone.

*Not recommended during pregnancy.

60 minutes | $140



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