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 A Luxurious Experience Awaits You

Vital C Brightening

An antioxidant facial treatment that fights pre-mature aging & helps to relieve sun damaged skin. Concentrated Vitamin C is combined with an Ultrasonic infusion, to brighten and improve dull lackluster skin, leaving your skin luminous!

This treatment is best suited for dull, lackluster & sun damaged skin.

60 minutes  $155

Swiss European Facial

Cryoskin Facial

Cryoskin Face uses cold therapy to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to tissue, stimulating production of collagen and improving elasticity of skin and tightness of muscles.  As a result the treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin and firms facial muscles. 


30 minutes $250

Ultrasonic Anti-aging

With the help of the ultrasonic tool, this treatment improves circulation, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, improves collagen and elastin output for firming and tightening. Smoother softer skin with improved texture is revealed.

This treatment provides advanced absorption of professional products for maximum benefit to the skin.

Best for skin showing visible signs of aging.

60 minutes  $155

Sky+Water Custom Facial

 Nourish, rejuvenate and regenerate your skin. With restored moisture and increased elasticity your tone and texture will improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin firmer and glowing. 


 Healing, purifying and anti-inflammatory treatment for troubled skin, revealing a more even skin tone, minimizing pores and overall calming effect.                     

60 minutes  $185

Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial

More time is spent on prepping the skin to prepare for more extensive extractions during this treatment. Taking down inflammation and stimulating the lymph system to get rid of waste & toxins is part of this treatment.

Best suited for congested, troubled skin and acne prone.

60 minutes  $150

Sky+Water Express​

A Perfect treatment for a quick pick me up before an event, party or if your just pressed for time.

The Sky+Water Express improves skin texture, moisture retention and the overall look of your skin.

Cleansing, Enzyme peel, treatment mask

Tailored specifically to your skin type by Ciel Eau's Esthetician.

30 minutes  $100

Glycolic Peel Facial

Skin showing the signs of aging as well as troubled acne prone skin

Uncover smoother, younger, less wrinkled skin than before the peel. Aids in cell renewal, promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Leaves you glowing without downtime.

For skin showing signs of sun damage,aging and troubled skin.

60 Minutes  $145

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